Wildlife Control

Pest ControlEveryone in North GA and the metro Atlanta area seem to love the seasons changing, the outdoors, and the overall feeling of life in the region. But as much as we love to sit in our backyards, occasionally, the outside will try to come inside, and that isn’t going to work out for anyone. Bats, rats, and even flying squirrels have been known to invade North GA homes, and when that happens, you need the pros at PestCO. We offer the most professional wildlife control in North GA and metro Atlanta, and we’ll have your home or business pest-free before you know it!

Bat Removal North GA

Bats can be nuisance creatures, and if you find yourself with a bat infestation in your home or business, bat removal is the best course of action. Bats are afraid of humans and will do their best to avoid contact, so your first approach should be to bat-proof your space to ensure they can’t reenter in the future. The team at PestCo has the tools necessary for humanely evicting bats from your premises. We take great precautions when expelling bats from homes or businesses and use strategic approaches that allow bats to relocate safely elsewhere.

Rat Removal North GA

Rats often inhabit buildings because they can access food, water, warmth, and shelter. To successfully remove them, it is important first to identify where they are living by looking for rat droppings or evidence of gnawing. Secondly, take steps to eliminate the rat’s food source by storing trash in secure containers and cleaning up spills quickly. Finally, use rat-proofing techniques, including closing off entryways, sealing holes in walls or floors, and installing traps around the rat’s habitat. At PestCo, we get how it feels to see a rat in your home or business. That’s why our team is committed to getting rid of your rats and ensuring they don’t come back.

Flying Squirrel Removal North GA

Flying squirrels can become a nuisance if they find their way into your home. Removing flying squirrels from your property is a job best left to the professionals at PestCo. We have all the necessary experience and tools for effective flying squirrel removal, ensuring the problem is addressed correctly and completely. Unlike other types of animals like rats or mice, flying squirrels are expert climbers that can make their way into hard-to-reach places, so it’s not as simple as just setting out some traps. Our professionals know exactly how flying squirrels behave and how best to remove them humanely and safely without causing further damage to your property. If you suspect flying squirrels in your home, contact PestCo right away – it’ll save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

Wildlife Control Near Me

As much as we all love wildlife, we don’t want them in our homes or businesses. If you suspect you have some unwanted guests, call the experts at PestCo. Our team specializes in wildlife control in North GA and the metro Atlanta area. We can help chase away all your unwelcome roommates. Just give us a call and let our team come and take a look!

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