Pest Control Questions

Pest Control FAQs

Yes. We have quarterly and monthly programs ready to put in place.

After calling PestCo stop all use of do-it-yourself pesticides and household cleaners. Many ants are easily repelled into other areas of your home–do-it-yourself products will greatly compound this.

Termites FAQs

Yes, we do. Retreat and Repair Guarantees providing an unlimited cap of damage repair costs.

Yes, in many instances this can be done. If you are unhappy with your current company, contact us.

Absolutely! PestCo proudly uses the Advance Termite Baiting System by Whitmire Micro-Gen.

No, you have another choice. If baiting does not interest you, a conventional treatment with a non-repellant termiticide is an excellent choice.

Quarterly. With regular inspections and maintenance, a bait system works at its peak performance.

Homes should be inspected every 12-24 months. Unfortunately, termites don’t have a schedule or time table. Inspections are not designed to stop an infestation, but to prevent unnecessary or detrimental damages.