Mosquito Service

Mosquito Service

It is a beautiful summer day in Georgia. You step outside to fire up the grill, tend to your garden, or enjoy time with your family and it happens. You hear that mosquito buzzing around your head. Nobody wants to spend their leisure time swatting at annoying pests that could potentially carry diseases. At PestCo Exterminators, we hear you. We want everyone to be able to head out for a day of fun without having to worry about mosquitoes or having to cover their body with potentially harmful chemicals. That is why we offer reliable mosquito control in North Georgia.

Mosquito Control North Georgia

As with any pest issues, the best defense is always an offense. Once you are dealing with a mosquito infestation it can be much more difficult to eradicate. We recommend starting your mosquito control plan the day that you purchase your home. Our team of pest control specialists offers treatment plans so you can take control of your summer fun without having to worry about mosquitoes at all.

Don’t Give Mosquitoes a Place to Hide

While PestCo Exterminators does our part in treating your property for mosquitoes, it is also important that you take certain precautions. Standing water is a virtual breeding ground for mosquitoes. They flock to it. If you have any standing water on your property it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Even something as minor as an overturned trash can lid could prove harmful after a good rain.

Lawn maintenance is also important in terms of controlling mosquitoes. Uncut grass does more than irritate your neighbors, it also gives pests like mosquitoes and ticks a place to hide and thrive. Remember to mow your lawn on a regular basis and remove any lawn debris from your yard.

Why Choose PestCo Exterminators?

At PestCo Exterminators, we believe that we are in the business of giving property owners peace of mind knowing that their pest population is under control and that starts when the property is being built. We offer new construction treatment to stop infestations at the source as well as reliable treatment plans once you move in. After all, don’t you have enough to worry about without thinking about things like mosquitoes and termites? Contact PestCo Exterminators today to see what our experts can do for you.

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